C-WASH has been in existence since 2016 and will formerly file its articles of incorporation in 2023. The general nature for which C-WASH was established is as follows:

  • To accelerate and enhance the contribution of water and energy to peace, health and prosperity throughout Liberia;
  • To conduct development priority projects on capacity building, technology transfer and infrastructure development in climate, water, sanitation, hygiene and energy;
  • To cooperate with other organizations and serve as partners to deliver their technical cooperation services;
  • To conduct research on and participate in the development of practical applications of water, energy and related areas; To participate in strategic partnerships with government and nongovernment organizations;
  • To raise awareness about the contributions of water and energy applications in support of development;
  • To host conferences, convene meetings, seek for support, initiate training programs, conduct research and publish; all in pursuit of its objectives.


C-WASH is, therefore, an association that provides technical support which provides services on matters of climate, water, sanitation, hygiene, energy and related areas in Liberia in keeping with guidelines and principles of international best practices.